Green Bonds

The Power of Green Bonds

Programs and Eligible Project Classes

Green Bonds have a number of advantages over the conventional bond; in fact, Green Bonds have developed a pricing advantage over conventional bonds referred to as a ‘Greenium’. The demand from investors for this type of bond is rising quickly, and green projects are in high demand in today's market. The Green Bank of Colorado has the knowledge and relationships to help get your project funded!

Benefits of financing through Green Bonds:

  • Access to capital at 2-4% interest, with 20-25-year term (up to $500 million USD)

  • Gain a financing rate advantage known as a ‘Greenium’ due to increased demand for investment in sustainable enterprise

  • Eligible projects receive International Climate Bonds Certification for capital acquisition and transparency

  • Improve the value, trust, and image of your brand - The conscious consumer of today expects social responsibility; Green Bonds transparently convey this motivation through tangible action. Be ahead of the curve, be a leader of tomorrow.

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